1 mysterious events, behaviour, or situations are difficult to explain or understand: His father died of a mysterious disease. | a mysterious smile | in mysterious circumstances: Benson later disappeared in mysterious circumstances.
2 a mysterious person is someone who you know very little about and who seems strange or interesting: Who was this mysterious stranger?
3 saying very little about what you are doing; secretive
(+ about): Helen's being very mysterious about her plans. — mysteriously adverb — mysteriousness noun (U) mystery /'mIstri/ noun
1 (C) something that is impossible to understand or explain or about which little is known: remain a mystery: Twenty years after the event, his death remains a mystery. | solve/unravel a mystery (=find an explanation for it): They never solved the mystery of Gray's disappearance. | a mystery phone call/lover/package etc (=one that you know very little about, which therefore seems strange and interesting): If I tell you the mystery ingredient, my recipe won't be a secret. | be a mystery to (=used to say that you do not know or understand much about something): Jean's business affairs were always a mystery to him.
2 It's a mystery to me spoken used to say that you cannot understand something at all: It's a mystery to me how she manages to work so fast.
3 (U) a quality that makes someone or something seem strange, secret, or difficult to explain: an air of mystery: There was an air of mystery about him. | be shrouded/veiled in mystery: The circumstances of his death were veiled in mystery.
4 (C) formal a quality that something has that cannot be explained in any practical or scientific way, especially because it is connected with God and religion
(+ of): the mystery of creation
5 (C): a murder mystery

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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